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Blackshot Closure Announcement - 31st August 2015

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Dear Shooters,

Over the past 6 years, your passion and energy have helped us build this awesome FPS community that we have today - one which we hold closely to our hearts.

We at Garena have always been committed to fostering the Blackshot community and the eSports scene for all of you, through large-scaled tournaments such as the recently concluded 3rd Season of Champions Pride in Singapore and National League in Malaysia.

However, our publishing license for Blackshot is ending and unfortunately we are unable to renew the publishing license. Therefore, we are very sad to announce today that after 6 years of operation and growth, Garena Blackshot will be closing down on 31st August 2015, after which Garena will no longer be carrying the Blackshot game title.

We would like to THANK YOU for your continuous support and dedication over the years. We'll be working with the next game publisher to support the account migration.

For reference, please note the closure arrangements below:
31st August 2015 - Blackshot server closure
- Full support will be maintained by Garena until the servers are officially shut down on 31st Aug

You may also check out the FAQs below:
1. How long will Garena continue to publish Blackshot?
The Garena Blackshot server will remain open until August 31st 2015.

2. Why is Garena Blackshot closing down?
Garena’s publishing license to operate Blackshot is ending soon and unfortunately, we were unable to renew the publishing license.

3. What will happen to my Blackshot accounts?
Garena will work with the next game publisher to support account migration.

4. Will I get a refund on the new items that I just bought in game?
There will be no refund as all current Blackshot accounts will be migrated over to the next game publisher’s platform.

5. What happens to my remaining Garena Shells in my account?
Unused Garena shells in your account cannot be transferred to the next game publisher as they will not be using Garena Shells. But rest assured that any unused Garena Shells will still be kept in your Garena account after31 August 2015 and can still be used for other Garena games.

6. Will there be any more competitions in the future?
Garena will no longer be hosting competitions for Blackshot, but we will definitely be hosting competitions for our upcoming new FPS Game Titles. Do keep a lookout!

While Garena Blackshot may be closing down, we promise to continue serving you with the highest quality First Person Shooter (FPS) game titles, exciting gaming events, as well as growing the FPS eSports scene.

Do keep a lookout for our upcoming releases!

Signing Off,


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